OEM / ODM Original Equipment Manufacturing

Building on decades of experience in manufacturing industry , PROTOTYPING TECHNOLOGY offers comprehensive and flexible integrated manufacturing and OEM / ODM solutions . Our services includes designing and manufacturing of different types of electronic devices, PCB and embedded systems.

Electronic Circuit Manufacturing

Printed Circuit Board is one of many strong suits that Prototyping Technology possesses. Led engineering department ready to design, test, and manufacture all types of printed circuit boards. Whether for prototyping, redesigning, reverse engineering, or a final product we offer the best equipment suited for the task. By using our wide variety of configuration options, we can design complete system solutions for all kinds of applications.


From concept design to pilot-run production through our manufacturing expertise, we offer an unrivaled rapid customized product design and manufacturing solution. We offer product industrialization services, cost reduction and optimization in accordance to technology constraints.

Reverse Engineering

At PROTOTYPING TECHNOLOGY , we perfectly understand the requirements and their reflection onto the services we offer . One of the main keys of successful is innovation and thinking outside the box, which, helps greatly in situations where creativity is the answer. We offer reverse engineering services that can meet any challenge to develop or re-produce devices and spare parts .

Kiosk Manufacturing

Kiosks become a revolutionary in full service transactions and customer service. With our experience of manufacturing a wide range of custom kiosks, the possibilities are endless . Our internal department product design is able to develop any equipment with custom design to meet the needs of each client or specifics projects.

ATMs Manufacturing

We employ several novel design techniques in ATMs solutions that we offer to improve the design’s overall performance, and consequently the customers’ satisfaction. We design, develop, manufacture, and customize most ATMs systems according to our client’s needs. We offer our services to banking enterprises and we work closely with them to best tailored solutions.

3D Printing

PROTOTYPING TECHNOLOGY provides professional 3D printing and manufacturing services for on-demand production of prototypes, individual products as well as short-run manufacturing. We offer wide range of materials and techniques, as well as system customization and development . Our team of experienced engineers and designers with capabilities to deliver best solution for every need .

Motion and Drivers

Prototyping Technology specialized in providing motors of small size with high power using the highest and the most advanced technology. We also design and manufacture drivers that control the speed and start and stop easily with the ability to control various types of motors and all available power.

Batteries and Inverters

Prototyping Technology deals with the latest technology of batteries that are used in PV systems or any other application. We customize batteries for all applications including home use, indoor, outdoor, movable and industrial batteries.


We are experts in the field of robotic systems. A robotic system will automate your production lines where small batch runs and sensitive, difficult components have normally been impossible or too costly to automate. We have the best and optimum robotic solutions characterized by high precision, great accuracy, cutting-edge functions, high stability, and advanced sensors.

Solar Energy

Prototyping Technology combines the knowledge, years of experience, and quality in all of its services and products offered. Among these solutions are the energy solutions. We offer a variety of intelligent energy solutions that meet the demand and the requirements of the clients.

Parking Solutions

Prototyping Technology parking systems are designed to meet the most practical requirements for parking facilities. The enterprise solutions possess an in-depth selection of functions and features supported by an intuitive user interface.


PROTOTYPING TECHNOLOGY values innovation greatly. We offer a huge selection of CCTV solution that is suitable for all the applications and needs. Our technical solutions in the field of CCTV have countless applications. We acquire, among our selection, products suitable for security have more than 15 of the smart features like live monitoring and recording beside industrial cameras, and Very High-Frame Capturing devices.

Fleet Management and AVL Systems

PROTOTYPING TECHNOLOGY offers a comprehensive integrated solutions with enhanced features, functions, and benefits for better management of company’s resources: People, Vehicles & Equipment, Time, & Money. We have multiple systems that offers Fleet Management solutions in both hardware and software whether it is for security or maintenance purposes like the standard AVL, RFGPS, RTTS/RTLS.

Access Control

We are suppliers of most types of biometric and access control systems and devices including fingerprints devices, Iris and card readers beside many special and intelligent devices. Our products can perform as Proximity Readers, Face Recognition, Contact-less Smart Readers, Outdoor devices, etc.

Industrial Control Systems

PROTOTYPING TECHNOLOGY offers complete ready-to-use solutions in automated controls and information system . Our services cover a horizon of applications for industrial and non-industrial applications implementing a complete combination of solutions.

Data centers and IT infrastructure

From small network project to large scale data center we offer range of selection IT infrastructure solutions.We reduce capital and operating expenses via faster deployment and by preventing downtime and optimizing efficiency.


It is a complex task when it comes to system design where high availability, fault-tolerance, redundancy, network infrastructure, and maximum security are involved. . When you select Prototyping Technology you are engaging a team of experts assisting you with the design, engineering, and configuration based on more enterprise video storage installations than any of our competitors.

Real Time Tracking System RTLS and RFID

Our innovative solution offers a state-of-the-art Real-Time Location System (RTLS) composed of RFID and Wi-Fi-based badges & tags, RFID receivers, and software used to locate People and Equipment in buildings, airports, manufacturing, and Construction sites.

Video Management Software (VMS)

Prototyping Technology is the security industry’s most powerful, versatile “License-Free” video management software suite from entry-level through corporate and enterprise applications. An open-source platform, Prototyping Technology VMS supports ONVIF, PSIA, CGI, and all major IP camera manufacturers with a user-friendly and scalable interface. Our VMS features are digital matrix, live GIS, alarm, sensor integration, analytics, notification, and workflow.

License Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Our License Plate Recognition Engine offers general-purpose license plate reading from digital pictures from any source. From megapixel images with 12-bit color depth to standard CIF recording from CCTV cameras, the engine processes the information available from the source imagery with accuracy approaching that of a human. Our system complies with SAMA requirements and highly automated and accurate system.

Physical Security Information Management ( PSIM )

Physical Security Information Management (“PSIM”) is an enterprise-level software management platform, which collects information from multiple unconnected disparate subsystems and controls them from a single user interface. Beyond PSIM by Prototyping Technology extends the capabilities of conventional PSIM solutions by including a host of tools that go beyond security, addressing first response, safety, facilities maintenance, and management.

Face Recognition

A best-of-breed 2D/3D face recognition software application that uses off-the-shelf cameras and servers to provide unparalleled accuracy on real-world data in the most challenging of environments. We implement most of the face recognition systems based on Ai and Deep Learning technologies.

Digital signage and audio

We have a wide range of selection of digital signage systems and Video walls that are ready to be installed by our team of skilled technicians. We offer system can be up to 48 monitors or (6×8) or any other arrangement with FHD, UHD, and an ultra-narrow bezel as minimum as h0 mm between monitors. We also supply and install audio and multimedia systems.

Custom Software Development

We offer custom software development and consulting services to help you pull off your next project with less stress and less cost. Our team has the technology prowess to power you at every stage of your product development lifecycle, from discovery to ongoing post-launch enhancement.

ODOO ERP Solutions

We develop and customize all kinds of ODOO applications and integrate them into different systems by a specialized team of programmers and developers. We customize our solutions to meet any need or application for all types of companies.