OEM / ODM Original Equipment Manufacturing

Building on decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, PROTOTYPING TECHNOLOGY offers comprehensive and flexible integrated manufacturing and OEM / ODM solutions. Our services include designing and manufacturing different types of electronic devices, PCBs, and embedded systems.

Electronic Circuit Manufacturing

Printed circuit board is one of many strong suits that PROTOTYPING TECHNOLOGY possess. Lead engineering department ready to design, test, and manufacture all types of printed circuit boards. Whether for prototyping, redesigning and reverse engineering or a final product we offer the best equipment suited for the task. By using our wide variety of configuration options, we can design complete system solutions for all kinds of applications.


From concept design to pilot-run production through our manufacturing expertise, we offer an unrivaled rapid customized product design and manufacturing solution. We offer product industrialization services, cost reduction and optimization in accordance to technology constraints.

Reverse Engineering

At PROTOTYPING TECHNOLOGY , we perfectly understand the requirements and their reflection onto the services we offer . One of the main keys of successful is innovation and thinking outside the box, which, helps greatly in situations where creativity is the answer. We offer reverse engineering services that can meet any challenge to develop or re-produce devices and spare parts .

Kiosk Manufacturing

Kiosks become a revolutionary in full service transactions and customer service. With our experience of manufacturing a wide range of custom kiosks, the possibilities are endless . Our internal department product design is able to develop any equipment with custom design to meet the needs of each client or specifics projects.