PROTOTYPING TECHNOLOGY values innovation greatly. We offer a huge selection of CCTV solution that is suitable for all the applications and needs. Our technical solutions in the field of CCTV have countless applications. We acquire, among our selection, products suitable for security have more than 15 of the smart features like live monitoring and recording beside industrial cameras, and Very High-Frame Capturing devices.

Access Control

We are suppliers of most types of biometric and access control systems and devices including fingerprints devices, Iris and card readers beside many special and intelligent devices. Our products can perform as Proximity Readers, Face Recognition, Contact-less Smart Readers, Outdoor devices, etc.

Advanced Security Solutions

We are leader in design and development of security solutions. We provide you with the proper system as your need. We offer security industry’s most powerful, versatile “License-Free” video management software suite from entry-level through corporate and enterprise applications and Physical Security Information Management (“PSIM”)

Time and Attendance Systems

Web based Time and Attendance systems and Time Pro applications are the most efficient tools that help you manage your workforce and track employee. We offer customized time and attendance solutions and tools, which can be integrated with different systems