Project name

Designing the Interactive Experience Center for Saudi Arabia Tourism Development Fund


Audio Visual – Interactive Screens – User Experience Design – Prototyping


PTEC’s AV division embarked on a groundbreaking journey, crafting the transformative Interactive Experience Center within the esteemed Saudi Tourism Development Fund Building. This ambitious venture aimed to seamlessly blend innovative digital multimedia audio-visual technologies with spatial design, creating an immersive haven for exploration.


PTEC’s expertise manifested as they masterfully orchestrated the room’s design, seamlessly merging the latest technologies to amplify visitors’ encounters in the Experience Room. The primary goal was to deliver a holistic, sensorial experience through media presentations.

Immersive Encounters:

Every facet of the design was meticulously curated to ensure visitors were fully immersed in dynamic scenarios, aligning with specific use cases. This was a paradigm shift in engagement, allowing investors and stakeholders to virtually navigate completed projects.

Dynamic Presentations:

This inventive approach bestowed the Saudi Tourism Development Fund with a dynamic tool for presenting opportunities. Visitors could virtually roam around projects, an impactful mode of showcasing potential with a touch of reality.

Cutting-edge Integration:

PTEC’s AV division harmoniously wove together recommended digital multimedia audio-visual technologies, culminating in an environment that did more than convey information—it captivated the senses and minds of all who entered.


Through the meticulous design of the Interactive Experience Center, PTEC injected innovation into Saudi Arabia’s tourism narrative. The Saudi Tourism Development Fund Building transformed into a nexus of immersive exploration, where the future beckons visitors through compelling, digitally-driven engagements.