Project name

Currency Exchange Machine Manufacturing


Prototyping – Electronic Circuit Development – Industrial Design


PTEC embarked on an inspiring journey to create a customized self-service currency exchange machine, dedicated to enhancing the experiences of a valued client. This sophisticated device harmoniously converts (3-9-16) foreign currencies into Saudi riyals or the client’s chosen currency, seamlessly handling coin transactions. With unwavering focus on the client’s specific needs, the machine’s user-friendly interface ensures a fluid exchange process, catering to both tech-savvy and novice users.

PTEC’s commitment to innovation was evident at every stage. Harnessing cutting-edge technologies, the machine’s intricate electronic circuits were meticulously designed to guarantee accurate currency conversion while complying with stringent regulatory standards.

This collaborative endeavor symbolized PTEC’s role as a partner, dedicated to translating concepts into tangible solutions. The project underscored PTEC’s prowess in bridging innovation and execution, shaping ideas into practical realities. From inception to fruition, the project exemplified PTEC’s dedication to delivering excellence, ensuring the custom currency exchange machine not only met but surpassed the client’s aspirations.